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LCP Newsletters

The LCP Newsletter is published on a monthly basis. It is generally theme-based, covering a broad range of topics related to personal development. To be sure you receive a copy of the LCP Newsletter in a timely manner, fill in the boxes below with your name and email address. Don’t worry! We’re not into spamming! We won’t send you a bunch of junk, nor will we ever sell your information to anyone else.

LCP Archive Newsletters

February 2013- Fear-based Mental Illnesses

January 2013- Make Your Resolutions Stick

December 2012- Personal Breakthroughs

November 2012- No newsletter (All subscribers received a free copy of my book 7 Days to Success)

October 2012- Non-Verbal Intelligence

September 2012- What is Intelligence?

August 2012- Emotional Intelligence

July 2012- Learn How to Communicate Effectively

June 2012- How to Get Motivated

May 2012- What is Life Coaching?